4.9.14 WOD

5' AD//2xBB@BB complex-6 FS/6 bent over row/6 push press/12 lateral hops/spider man stretch/hamstring stretch/samson stretch/sumo squat stretch/3 FS/3 bent over row/3 push press/6 lateral hops/sm/ham/sam/sumo//2xhigh knee grab and exterior rotation/lateral lunge/bow and bend

4x (6xDL@20X0/:60 rest/7xdips/:60 rest)

3x3'-20 KB swings@24kg/250 ft shuttle run/max double unders/3' rest (score is total number of double unders in 3 sets)

2' FLR


DL-6x135#warmup set/155#/175#/185#/205#